is established by eight archaeological open-air museums across Europe. We work together with different themes to further pan-European interest in history, especially by use of living history and archaeological demonstration. Of course, the cooperation between partners within liveARCH is very important: we might learn best from our closest colleagues. Our aims reach beyond the three years we intensively team up and beyond the group of eight. We also work with other heritage professionals - both within and outside EXARC, the European leading network on archaeological open-air museums.
The liveARCH group consists of 8 archaeological open air museums in 8 different countries in Europe.
This website was taken offline in 2010. EXARC decided to bring it back
to life in 2016. Unfortunately all the dynamic info (like news, press
releases, staff exchanges, resources collected during project) was
lost in 2010. We tried to bring back as much information as possible
and redesigned the website where needed, including link to News items
published by EXARC about liveARCH
in those years.

The original website was built in 2006-2007. By now technology has
changed, Flash is no longer supported so we updated all slideshows to
HTML 5 and simplified the navigation. This website is best viewed on desktops computers.

Promoting archaeological open-air museums in just 7 minutes,
is that possible?

LiveARCH thought it was and the Italian museum, Museo Civico Archeologico Etnologico (Modena) actually did it! From archaeological finds, which are our most important source about life of the past, through archaeological research, reconstruction and demonstration with attention for experimental archaeology and living history, liveARCH intends to show the importance of these museums and its critical success factors. Examples are taken from all 8 countries of liveARCH.