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Name Matrica Múzeum és Régészeti Park
Country Hungary
Address Gesztenyés u. 1-3
2440 Százhalombatta
Phone (36) 23354591
Fax (36) 23540069
Matrica Muzeum
Partner Matrica Múzeum
és Régészeti Park
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The main aim of the Százhalombatta Archaeological Park is to preserve and present prehistoric remains, structures and environment. The “Matrica” Museum is a small but very agile local museum in Százhalombatta, 30 kms South of Budapest, along the bank of the Danube.
The Museum operates Hungary’s first prehistoric open-air museum, i.e. the Archaeological Park on the outskirts of the small town. The Park presents a lively view on prehistoric life and environment to the visitors, with major emphasis on school groups. The visitors can enter several reconstructed Prehistoric houses with copies of pottery found inside them during excavation. All these are seated in the reconstructed, prehistoric, natural environment. The Park lies on a 5 hectar territory, which gives enough place for activities for children and visitors such as workshops and historical play-houses, with possibilities to make tool-, jewellery-, or garment copies, taste food of different periods.
The main attraction of the Park is an Iron Age burial mound, which can be entered and inside, in co-ordination with the visible in situ archaeological finds, a multimedia show introduces the cultural background and the history of this burial.
We are open from 1st April till 31st October.
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