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Name Latvijas Nacianālais Vēstures Muzejs -
Āraišu arheoloģiskais muzejparks
Country Latvia
Address Pils laukums 3
1050 Riga
Phone (371) 64107080
Fax (371) 64107081
Institute of History of Latvia - Āraiši Lake Fortress
Partner Latvijas Nacianālais Vēstures Muzejs -
Āraišu arheoloģiskais muzejparks
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Āraišu arheoloģiskais muzejparks (The Āraiši Lake Fortress), the reconstuction of a dwelling from the 9th century AD, is located on a picturesque islet in the Āraiši lake. The reconstruction is based on remains of a well preserved complex of timber buildings uncovered during archaeological excavation (1965 – 1969; 1970 – 1975), and conclusions made in a result of a long term research work on lifestyle and building traditions of ancient inhabitants of Latvia in the Viking Age. On the basis of this reconstruction the open air archaeological museum is being developed now. Visitors can also view the Medieval Castle Ruin and a reconstructed Stone and Bronze Age dwellings here. Pholklore events, Bees’ Festivals, Viking Days, drama excursions “Verge of Ages in Āraiši” and other events are taking place at this site.
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