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Name Historisch OpenluchtMuseum Eindhoven
Country The Netherlands
Address Boutenslaan 161B
5644 TV Eindhoven
Phone (31) 40 2522281
Fax (31) 40 2518924
Historisch OpenluchtMuseum Eindhoven
Partner Historisch OpenluchtMuseum Eindhoven
The Netherlands
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The Historisch OpenluchtMuseum Eindhoven is situated on the south side of Eindhoven, the largest town in the south of the Netherlands. The museum is set in the green longue of the city. Here you can see, smell and have a taste of how our ancestors used to live and work.
As soon as you start walking through the Iron Age settlement, it is easy to imagine that you are suddenly back in those days. You walk between the prehistoric farmhouses, haystacks and herbal gardens. You smell fire, earth, water and air, elements which were so essential for survival in prehistoric times. Fires, over which kettles of herbal tea are brewing, have been lit and canoes made from hollowed out tree trunks are lying in the water ready for use. In addition, on certain days you can also see the smith forging knives, the tanner processing skins or the weavers making clothes. Special events take place regularly.
Standing in the centrally situated market square of the medieval city of “Endehoven” you will have a good impression of how it may have looked some 500 to 700 years ago: a wattle and daub house, a stone building with leaded windows, a well and a pall-mall. Somewhat in the rear lies a boot-shaped farmstead. Here you will get a good impression of rural family life in medieval times. Both indoors and outdoors, people are working hard to make a living: churning butter, dipping candles and dyeing wool. Back in the city you must definitely visit the craftsman’s house or enjoy a delicious meal in the medieval inn.
Group visits to the museum are possible, during which you can learn and experience all kinds of activities in the prehistoric village or the medieval city. Special programmes have been designed which aim to teach us how our ancestors lived by real experiences. In a playful manner, the children and their escorts become acquainted with the past. All of this, of course, takes place under expert supervision. Apply for the special folder “Group visits to the museum”.
It is also possible to book an original staff outing. How would you like to do some historical cooking, forge iron, dip candles, make music or cast pewter together with your colleagues? And after all that hard work it is time to relax and end the day with a prehistoric barbecue around the wood fire or a medieval meal at the inn.
The Historisch OpenluchtMuseum Eindhoven feels very strongly about “living history”. You will see people dressed in prehistoric and medieval clothes busy performing prehistoric and medieval tasks. Every Sunday and during all holidays in the season children can participate in children-do-activities. On various days special events are organised. How would you like to come and listen to prehistoric stories, bake a Germanic roll or write you name with a quill? Perhaps you will get caught up in a fight between two Vikings or discover a bustling medieval fair.
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