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Name Lofotr Viking Museum
Country Norway
Vikingmuseet på Borg
Partner Lofotr Viking Museum
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In Northern Norway during the Iron Age, there were about 10 - 15 chieftaindoms, one of them was at Borg in Lofoten. This is the only place where a Chieftains' farm is found. Excavataions proof that it was established around 500 AD.
At the Viking Museum you can experience:
▪   The 83 m long reconstructed Chieftains' farm;
▪   Archaeological exhibitions and handcraft demonstrations;
▪   Guides in authentic Viking costumes;
▪   Activity for children and youths;
▪   The magnificent banqueting hall where a soup is served;
▪   Three reconstructed Viking ships from the Gokstad find;
▪   A boathouse and a smithy. If you are lucky,
the blacksmith is present;
▪   A big museumshop with quality products
and a Cafeteria;
▪   Horses, cattle, sheep and wild boars.

Archaeological studies commenced here in 1983, and in 1986-1989, a joint Scandinavian research project was conducted at Borg. Excavations brought to light remains of the largest building ever to be found in the Viking Realm, in Norway or elsewhere in Europe. For the first time, archaeologists were sure they had found a chieftain's dwelling.
Viking expeditions to various places in the world have left echoes of violence and robbery. Yet, the Vikings were also accomplished merchants and explorers.
At this time, boats were far better than they had ever been before and navigation was extremely precise. So travelling became easier and the Atlantic Ocean was crossed on trips to Iceland , Greenland and Vinland. They travelled to the East, by way of the Russian rivers, to the Caspian Sea and through the Black Sea to Constantinople (Byzantium).
We believe in live exhibitions” as demonstrated by our reconstructions and handicraft demonstrations. At the same time, we also have a permanent exhibition of archaeological objects. Our permanent exhibition of artefacts is in the cowshed part of the chieftain's dwelling and has the following main themes: Wealth and Power, Life at Borg, The Ultimate Journey and The Viking Bridge.
The Viking Museum makes a point of being an authority on prehistoric handicrafts. In the course of the season, visitors may watch demonstrations of various techniques, where we mainly work in wood, textiles, hide and metal.
The idea of performing a Sagaspell in connection with the Viking Museum at Borg was first conceived in 1996 when the Foundation Sagaspellet Lofotr was established. In the course of the first year, a manuscript was written by the author Jahn-Arild Skogholt and the director of Theatre NOR , Thorbjørn Gabrielsen. The composer Torstein Aagard-Nilsen from Kabelvåg was asked to write music for a somewhat extraordinary selection of instruments, those of a brass band and a parade band so that Borge Brass and Vestvågøy Janitsjar could perform it. Choral music was also written with local choirs in mind.
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