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Name The Scottish Crannog Centre
Country Scotland
Address Kenmore, Loch Tay
Perthshire PH15 2HY
Phone (44) 1887 830583
Fax (44) 1887 830876
The Scottisch Crannog Centre
Partner The Scottish
Crannog Centre
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The Scottish Crannog Centre is an award-winning open air museum based on ancient Scottish lake (or loch) dwellings known as crannogs, located in the very heart of Scotland in Loch Tay, Perthshire where the remains of 18 ancient loch dwellings are preserved.
Surrounded by majestic mountains and stunning scenery, the focal point of the Centre is an authentic reconstruction of an early Iron Age crannog based directly on the results of underwater excavations in the loch. Facilities include an exhibition hall featuring artefacts, videos and interpretive panels, guided tours inside the reconstructed crannog, and demonstrations and hands-on participation in ancient technology and craft skills. Costumed guides and regular special events bring the past to life for visitors of all ages.
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