H8 - Eight countries present Living History
liveARCH in GermanyMay 20th - 25th, 2009
Not even 2 months after the Forum in Italy, there was another large event of liveARCH. The Pfahlbaumuseum Unteruhldingen (DE) organised "H8 - Eight countries present Living History" at the Lake Constance. It started off with a 2 day conference about living history and events with speakers like Prof. Dr. Mehler (DE), Mr. Piotrowski (PL) and Mr Steiner (CH). The following weekend a large event was staged at 3 different locations in Unteruhldingen. Over 300 living history re-enactors settled here and demonstrated their 'period' of history. Among them were groups from Germany, like gladiators of Dr Junkelmann, the Celtic Group Carnyx but each of theliveARCH museums had brought their own little group, meaning there were as well Vikings, Iron AgeScots and a Hungarian Migration Period group with their yurt. There was much PR attention, both on line, in printing and on TV.
Name Pfahlbaumuseum Unteruhldingen
Country Germany
Events Coordination

Events Coordination

Pfahlbaumuseum Unteruhldingen, Germany; dissemination at all co-organisers
Establish a database and overview of living history events.
Events Calendar on line is not longer available.
The visitor will get a good overview of what is happening where and when by use of the web based database. The organisers themselves can update the database with their events and details. This information will be also be available for download so organisers can print it out as flyers for their use. Finally, the participants can update information on their respective activities on base of which they can be selected again by the organisers.

The objectives
▪   To enhance the attractiveness of living history events;
▪   To encourage the public to visit living history events;
▪   Usage of the database by organisers and the participants in these to get in touch with each other; This will enhance the coordination between events organisers;
▪   To attract more craftspeople to participate in these activities.

Involvement of the co-organisers
All co-organisers will be involved in setting up and filling out the database with their events as well as providing contacts to living history groups and companies.

Target group
The visitors of the living history museums, the co-organisers and similar living history museums and the living history groups and – companies throughout Europe.

Indicative timetable
This will take the whole time frame of the project, i.e. 36 months.

Expected results
▪   A database with a calendar of living history workshops as well as details on the co-organisers and living history groups. The database being addressed from different European countries at an increasing satisfactory level and intensity of use;
▪   An increased satisfaction level of the visitors to the selected events;
▪   Different target groups should get in contact through this market place.