1st European Forum
March 25th - 29th, 2009 our liveARCH partner in Modena (IT) organised a 3 day conference, themed "1st International Forum of Archaeological Open-Air Museums" which included a Conference and a Workshop. The meeting will also host the Annual General Meeting of EXARC. Several international speakers, representing some of the most significant European archaeological open-air museums, presented to a public of about 300 people their experiences and underlined the most important issues related to Archaeological Open-Air Museums (living history, reconstructions, quality of activities, dialogue with scientists and visitors, etc.). The second day, about 150 people participated in an excursion to the Parco Montale. The EXARC AGM was attended by over 40 people and with some changes in the board, the main tasks for 2009 were formulated as having a new constitution ready and continue with discussion on quality. The third day was dedicated to liveARCH discussions - most EXARC members had already left. All in all, this Forum made clear how many people are interested in archaeological open-air museums combined with experiment, science and living history.
Name Parco di Montale
Country Italy
Exhibition & Catalogue

Exhibition & Catalogue:
“past knowledge brought to life”

Coordination and production:
Parco Archeologico e Museo all’aperto della Terramara di Montale, Italy. Simultaneous presentation at all 8 participating living history museums.
Museum film by liveARCH ready and available
Promoting archaeological open air museums in just 7 minutes - is that possible? LiveARCH thought it was and our Italian museum, Museo Civico Archeologico Etnologico (Modena) actually did it! From archaeological finds, which are our most important source about life of the past, through archaeological research, reconstruction and demonstration – with attention for experimental archaeology and living history, liveARCH intends to show the importance of these museums and its critical success factors. Examples are taken from all 8 countries of
You can find copies of the film here in Dutch, German, Latvian, Italian, Norwegian, Hungarian and Swedish.
It will be available on DVD at the ”I European Forum of Archaeological Open Air Museums” in Italy in March 2009 and from there onward.
Description of Theme
An exhibition will be made (see the film above), showing what living history is all about, its goals and its potential, focussing in the diversity of European cultural history and demonstrating the continuity of skills and crafts through time and space. It presents all 8 co-organisers and additional partners.
The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue which will present a number of living history museums and their activities, all set in a pan European cultural context. A special focus in the catalogue will be on crafts, skills and (pre)historic technology.

The objectives
▪   To enhance awareness for the common European heritage among the general public, focussing on different aspects of the European past;
▪   To strengthen the image of living history presentations;
▪   To demonstrate the cooperation between living history museums in Europe.

Involvement of the co-organisers
The co-organisers will all contribute material and information to the exhibition and catalogue, which then will be edited centrally. All of them will have the exhibition and catalogue at their disposal for simultaneous presentation. The exhibition will be on a semi-permanent display.

Target group
The visitors to the living history museums.

Indicative timetable
The exhibition and catalogue will be ready by April 2008 and be shown from that time onwards.

Expected results
An exhibition, simultaneously on display at 8 locations across Europe, accompanied by a catalogue.