Skills training workshop in Latvia
liveARCH in Latvia September 25th - 29th, 2008 With almost 100 participants, the liveARCH meetings are changing character, for the better. The 5th liveARCH Meeting (LV '08) was a true combination of craftspeople and museum people. With presentations both in the lecture room and outdoors in the open-air, a great combination of knowledge learned by heart and knowledge gained by experience was demonstrated. Visits to the Latvian National History Museum and the Latvian Open-Air Museum completed the experience. Critical remarks were placed about the use of crafts in archaeological open-air museums, about responsibilities and aspects like publication and hard core experiment versus education Also the do's and don'ts of house (re)constructions were critically assessed. This included the problems with the too many functions of these houses, the position of visitors, being superficial or going in depth and the such.
Name Latvijas Nacianālais Vēstures Muzejs -
Āraišu arheoloģiskais muzejparks
Country Latvia
Skills Training

Training workshop:
Skills Training

Latvijas Nacianālais Vēstures Muzejs - Āraišu arheoloģiskais muzejparks, Latvia
The fine details of historical skills vary from period to period but the basics are generally the same. This counts for pottery production, metal working, textile production (wool and flax), tanning of hides and using them for leather and fur (shoes, belts, bags et cetera), wood working, fighting, preparation of food, traditional farming skills, transportation (riding horses, building and sailing wooden ships) et cetera.

The objectives
Objective is to enhance the quality of the presentations and make the presenters more confident of them working correctly. We intend to have 5 employees of every partner attending this workshop. The participants need to make their own knowledge and experience available to the others. Besides this, we will invite some external experts.

Involvement of the co-organisers
The co-organisers will each participate actively and one will be organising this workshop.

Target group
Selected staff of the co-organisers.

Indicative timetable
The workshop will be held in September 2008.

Expected results
▪   More comfortable visitors for they get an experience which has been tailored to their expectations and needs. The co-organisers will have a wider range of activities and the staff will be more confident in executing these activities;
▪   The participants who successfully finish the workshop will be certified;
▪   The establishment of a competence network;
▪   A written report, edited by the Āraiši Museum and published accordingly.