liveARCH - Kick Off Meeting
liveARCH in the Netherlands In the days January 25th - 29th, 2007, "Eindhoven" hosted the first meeting of all partners of liveARCH. An important goal to liveARCH was to improve the experience of visitors to archaeological open-air museums across Europe through a better cooperation and with this, to enlarge interest in heritage. Living History plays a central role in these. LiveARCH linked the museums in question better and pursue quality and sustainability. This was reached through networking, communication (including a website and exhibition), workshops, seminars, master classes and staff exchanges. The goals for the Eindhoven meeting were to start building a team out of 8 different museums from all corners of Europe. The people present measured their ambitions to one another and made appointments about all different themes which play a role when running an archaeological open-air museum in general, and a joint project in particular. The meeting, with 30 participants from 11 countries, was opened by Mrs Mittendorf, alderwoman for a.o. Culture in the municipality of Eindhoven. Key Note speaker was W. van der Weiden, Chairman of the European Museum Forum.
Name Historisch OpenluchtMuseum Eindhoven
Country The Netherlands
Staff Exchange & Website coordination

Staff Exchange & Website coordination

Historisch OpenluchtMuseum Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Staff exchanges will take place at all living history museums of the co-organisers
For different professionals in the living history museums, staff exchange will be tailored to their knowledge and needs. Members of staff will be sent to work for a shorter period in another similar museum, exchanging knowledge and experience.

The objectives
Hands on exchange of experiences to improve the quality of presentation and professionalism and therefore enhance the public experience at each co-organiser.

Involvement of the co-organisers
The Historisch OpenluchtMuseum Eindhoven will coordinate the exchanges (about 100), all other co-organisers will take active part in this.

Target group
Those professionals in the living history museums.

Indicative timetable
November 2006 – November 2009

Expected results
▪   These exchanges will strengthen the network between the co-organisers, both on the institutional and personal level;
▪   The establishment of several competence networks.